Collection: Vesuvius shovel

The only patented stretcher blade created to exploit the non-stick properties of common baking paper thanks to the complete protection it is equipped with, also available with a Teflon sheet (certified for food use).

The sheets used for our peels have a high non-stick properties, a fundamental requirement to ensure that the pizza slides without sticking. For correctly managed dough, the addition of dusting is not necessary (recommended only for high hydration).

From 10/15/23 the handles will no longer have the hole with real leather strap as standard which will become optional, this will allow for larger laser engravings on the handle.

Do you want to buy our shovels directly at the Vesuvius Store? We always have a quantity available for direct purchase in store but if you want to be sure of finding the chosen shovel, contact us or place your order online by selecting on-site collection, we will quickly confirm availability and prepare your order for delivery. withdraw.
For any doubts contact us on our number 3517364604.